Product ranging from (30 KVA- 7500 KVA)


Rectifier Equipments are designed for 3 phase 50 Hz AC input supply and are suitable for operations at any voltage between 380 to 440 Volts, Covering a wide range of voltage fluctuation. It is also recommended that the input to the rectifiers should be connected through a proper protective device, to provide positive protection to the personnel and the system, it can also help in maintenance if a fault occurs.

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Input Voltage
380-440 Volts, 3-phase 50 Hz. AC supply
Output Voltage
Fixed Rated maximum DC voltage or variable from zero to maximum rated voltage
Output Current
Rated maximum DC current
Temperature Rise
Less then 35° C above ambient at the top of the oil
Content Less than 5%
'A' class for oil cooled


In our voltage regulator we are using heavy section of electrolytic rectangular copper strip instead of copper wire to minimize the losses & increase the efficiency of equipment, and we are using self lubricating carbon roller assembles instead of ordinary carbon brushes which offers more reliability and trouble free performance of the equipment.


This is a conventional design, made from electrolytic copper windings. It is vaccum impregnated and conforms to standard specification of B.S : 171 or IS : 2026 regarding the temperature rise and insulation. The primary is delta connected and Secondary has two star connected windings.


Connected two star points of the secondary of the main transformer, the inter phase transformer improves the commutation, thereby increasing the rating of the rectifier.


This is made of sturdy, liberally rated silicon diodes arranged in a six-phase/ three phase bridge circuit. Varying number of diodes are connected in parallel depending on the output rating of the unit. The diodes are mounted on Aluminum heat sink assemblies, with condensers across each diode providing hole storage protection.

  • Our all equipments are guranteed for Five Years against any manufacturing defect/faulty workmanship from the date of supply we shall not charge any thing for the visit and spare parts during the gurantee period.
  • Installation and commissioning of our equipment will be done under the supervision of our service engineers free of cost.
  • Free routine checkup from time to time by our experienced technical person to ensure the customers satisfaction and the reliable operation of the equipment